We deliver ground-breaking space technology to the IoT market by connecting Things to a global seamless network.

But also new and unmet SATCOM industries - from renewable energy to afforestation,
from Moon missions to defense, from farming to education - have great benefits of SATCOM. 

We are SpaceTech denMACH

A Danish space engineering company with global ambitions. We design and optimize the efficiency and reach of satellite communication (SATCOM) targeting the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Internet of Things (IoT).

The growth trajectory for SATCOM connectivity across industry and society is steep, and SpaceTech denMACH aspires to mirror this curve.

‍Our partners (including SMART Farming, Logistics, Education, Energy), demand bespoke data solutions to meet their everyday challenges, and we are working on showcasing this multitude of applications with a new and exciting internet presence.

Whilst we build, please share any questions you have via

IoT solutions in step with accelerating technologies

In rural areas with little or no cellular coverage, SATCOM is often the only communication option. Traditionally an expensive and complex choice, SPACETECH DENMACH has developed unique space-grade hardware and software to extend the SATCOM industry's reach, delivering financially viable, global IoT solutions.

Our ground-breaking technology gives a voice to all Things through the LoRaWAN connection into space. This seamless connectivity, specifically designed for IoT data, enables industry to be part of the growing 4th industrial revolution.

From off-the-shelf to customized SATCOM solutions, our devices are designed to withstand harsh environments, with integrated sensors to capture data from land, sea, air, or even space. The units weigh less than 100 grams, with a similar size and battery usage of a power bank.

Connecting the Internet of Things with the latest space technology allows data insight into sectors from renewable energy to conservation, space missions to national security and from farming to education.  Our diverse and adaptable product portfolio offers partners brand new opportunities to compete in a fast-moving global economy of connectivity demands.

No maintenance, high performance and versatility

In rural or inhabited areas with bad or no cellular coverage, SATCOM is the only way of communicating. No current solutions cover this market, and available technology is expensive and consumes a lot of energy.

We have designed a groundbreaking solution to fix the problems of global data collection. Our device is dramatically cheaper to produce than the available products. It is no bigger than a matchbox, and with solar panels, it is a no maintenance, standalone unit.

We offer both off-the-shelf and customized SATCOM devices, designed to withstand harsh environments and to perform a wide array of data collection on land, sea, air, and even in Space.Implementing space technology and IoT enables entire industries to collect data globally.With a versatile product portfolio, we offer companies and industries completely new opportunities to compete in a fast-moving global economy.

AC Satcom

Our team has proven, extensive, and international experience in satellite communications and space technology. Born in Denmark and moulded by sustainable ideas and the high standards of Danish design, we strive to combine technological efficiency with an intuitive user experience, whilst strengthening the global green agenda. Our aim is to revolutionize the way the world connects data, delivering full visibility and "near real-time" communication to the entire planet.

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